UR824 setup

Jsut got a new UR824 and am having some setup issues. I have the V1.8.3 driver and 2.0 tools (I think)

My problem is, Under there is a selection (first at top) for Audio Hardware setup. All good there can call it up and review the 4 tabs on top. Although I configured the headphones in the hardware setup window I still had to setup the VST connections to get that to work. Sort of makes sense :frowning:

I am able to monitor each cue mix for two headphones and a control room headphone mix. I also have direct monitoring selected in the driver setup

The PDF manual says that in the mix console in the “Racks” drop down, I should see a “hardware selection” for the input Settings window. I do not have this option.

After further review and suspense waiting for a reply. I noticed that under devices there are three instances of Mix Console.

Mix Console
Mix Console 1
Mix Console 2

The Hardware option does not show up under “Racks” menu in Mix Console but does show up under Mix Console 1 and Mix Console 2. Still not sure what this does for me. When the Hardware button is activated the rack section is empty.

I thought this would give me a track control panel. Confused!

Hi There

Are you using Cubase 7?

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