UR824 simply does not fully work with Cubase 12 Pro

The DSPmixFx application will no longer function in the Apple M1 environment meaning there is no way to simply control basic UR824 parameters such as input attenuation and mutes from within Cubase or any other application. The only way to use DSPmixFx in M1 is to change the class compliance on the UR824 itself however this makes the interface undetectable to the computer as an i/o for Cubase. Do we really have to do all this power cycling and switching back and forth to use this interface?

This i/o seems to still be a flagship interface for Steinberg however I’m baffled by how it cannot seamlessly integrate into my Mac Studio/Cubase 12 Pro DAW.

Thoughts anyone?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Is UR824 compatible with M1, please?

Not sure what you mean.

Do you have Rosseta 2 installed?

@Martin.Jirsak Not sure if you understood the user question.

UR824 is not compatible natively with M1, you have to use Rosetta.

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