UR824 Suddenly stops playing audio

Hi everyone,
I’ve bought an UR824 like 2 weeks ago and I’m having issues with it since then…
Suddenly the audio just stops and does not come back until I restart my PC.
Im just mixing/recording/listening in Cubase 6 and suddenly it goes “offline”

out of cubase Im watching videos on Youtube, listening to some music on Spotify or just playing some games and suddenly the audio stops playing… when I press play on Spotify it goes into play but stays frozen at 0:00, then I turn off the interface and it starts playing but then I turn it back on and it stops even if its on PLAY.

It’s really anoying because I have to restart the PC every time this happens. I tried everything changing USB ports, I have the latest drivers for anything.

My PC is:
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
16GB 1600 DDR3
2TB Raid 0 Sata3

I can send a Dxdiag if needed.

PS: I had a Line6 Toneport UX2 before and I was not having this issue at all

I’m interested in whatever you find as a solution, because I have EXACTLY the same problem with my firewire Terratec audio interface. It will simply stop playing or recording any sound at all until I reboot both the PC and the audio interface.
It’s not the audio interface that is crashing though, because any stand-alone routings I have still function fine when this happens. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a soft clicking noise every second or so. If I turn my mixer output way up I can clearly hear it. Usually windows will lose connection with the interface (it no longer shows up in the mixer), and the driver control panel cannot connect to the device either.

It sounds like a driver incompatability or something like that, but I’ve never figured out how to fix it. Luckily for me it only happens very rarely, but it’s annoying nonetheless. Hope you get it fixed, and I hope it’s a fix that works for me too :mrgreen:

Well, yeah… its similar, the only thing is I can still open the dspMIX. I couldn’t notice any clipping sound when this happens. And also for me it happens a lot… like every 30 minutes… so its impossible to use pleasently

im really pissed :frowning: I bought it from USA and I don’t think I can turn it back (for free at least)

I have the same problem except the the sound gets distorted. Sometimes it can be fixed be changing the buffer size. I had a Presonus unit and it worked fine. I don’t under stand why Yamaha/Steinberg has such bad drivers. Everyone says the latency is higher than any other interface even if it does work.

Yeah… its very very stupid that my 180e line6 toneport works better than my 800e UR824…
Im actualy using the LINE6 because its impossible to work with the UR824, is Steinberg going to give me a response or anything??? I was hoping for a better customer support…

Note that this forum is not the way to contact official support. Fill in the support form on steinberg.net to get official response from Steinberg. Make sure you receive an automated email stating they received your request, people tend to forget the last step.

Yeah, I already did… But meanwhile I thought I’d ask over here to see if someone encountered the same issue :slight_smile:

Hi himynameismate,

Have you already downloaded the latest update for the UR824?

We’ve just released the TOOLS for UR824 1.0.3 for Windows. This update solves a problem related to computers equipped with certain AMD brand CPUs and it might solve your problem.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Yes, I did. But as stated, that patch fixes input noise with AMD CPU, I was hoping it would fix the issue. But it did not :frowning:

I updated the driver and there are still dropouts.

Well according to Tech support, its a known issue and the developers are working on it… so I guess I’ll have to wait.

I had the chance to try the UR824 yesterday with a Macbook, and it was working perfectly for 3 hours straight…
So… I think its a drivers issue for sure with 64bit systems, (Mac was 32bit)

Any news? Im kind off getting sick of this issue, I had to change back to my Toneport UX2 which has poop preamps

After doing some tests with the help of the Steinberg suppport, I’m starting to think that the problem I described here is exactly the same type of problem:

I’m on a Mac, so this seems to be common to both systems. The UR824 stops playing (either in Cubase or any other software), and there is no way to selecting a viable sampling frequency from the control panel. Turning the interface off and on does not seem to solve the issue. The only solution is to restart the computer. Eeeek!


the very first MR816 had a similar problem with quad core MacPro’s and leopard 10.5.x the first update cured it.


So, there is hope sooner or later the drivers will be cured. The current situation is embarassing, and I’m sorry the problem didn’t exhibit earlier (I was probably too focused on the UR, and there was little chance of conflicts with some other software). I’ll see in the MR’s forum if there is some useful technical hint.


I formated the whole computer because I had some issues with some other stuff and I did a fresh install of windows 7 and now its working like a charm.

been using it for 8 hours straight, and no problem at all!

Hi, similar problem here.
I had the UR working when I first installed earlier in the week, but now I’ve gone back to using my trusty Delta66.
The UR824 will just not work on my system (Win7 64bit). After 5-10mins the whole PC freezes and I have to reboot. When I’ve been able to check the system performance level, the CPU is spiking at around 97%, and I’m not doing anything, nevermind even running Cubase.
I really hope I can use it though, it sounds great.
I’m not re-formatting my machine over this though. ;o)

Update: Thought a video card driver update might help, so I updated my Nvidia GEFORCE, but no change.

I’m a bit concerned about a positive solution of these issues. Each time my UR824 stops playing, I write a report to Steinberg’s support, with a detailed system log and the numbered list of the procedures accomplished.

For the second time, I received an answer instructing me on how to reset Cubase’s preferences. I don’t even use Cubase, so I’m starting to suspect that the support only works via templates, without even reading the original support question.

My UR will probably be on sale next week. I’m ashamed I did my readers a disservice, by greatly praising the sound quality - a quality that is not everything in tools you plan to use for your everyday job.


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…I thought this unit is so much better value than a RME Fireface ?