UR824 sync problem

Hi everyone.

I bought a used ur824 about a week ago. I’m using as the master interface for my windows 7/reaper daw with a profire 2626 and an ADA8000 slaved to it via adat.

I was running some channel/mic checks with some drums when I noticed a little bit of clock jitter and decided to try clocking from another source. The unit refuses to sync with any bnc wc source, and although it says it was synced to other sources via adat, the sound was very thin and jittery.

So I tried to put it back the way it was in the beginning but the thin, jittery noise persists.

Please help.


Turns out I accidentally engaged the adat loopback feature. Undid that, the clock is now slaved from the profire via adat and sounding fine. Hope this helps someone down the road.