UR824 trying to set up outboard effect pedal

Hey guys, just got my ur824 and I am trying to set up a I/O channel to use for sending stuff to an external guitar pedal but not having any luck. I can’t seem to send any signal to the line out.

I use Ableton which has a handy external effect pedal that has always worked for me with other interfaces.

I am using Line Out 7 and Line in 7 for the sake of staying organized.

Right now I have a trs cable coming out of Line 7, into a Reamp pedal, into a guitar pedal and back into Input 7 on the UR. I can hear the pedal itself just fine. I don’t seem to be getting signal coming out of Line 7 at all despite routing it in Ableton.



I’m sure I’m missing something small in the Control Panel. Any thoughts?