UR824 - Unable to use microphone in online meetings

I have a UR824 soundcard and I want to use my mic that’s plugged into the 3rd channel of the UR824 during Zoom meetings or whatever. It’s like ONLY Cubase can hear this mic. All other applications don’t detect any sound coming from it. Where can I look to change whatever setting this is on?

How about providing some minimum useful info like OS…? :unamused:

Hi i’m using Steinberg ur824 and I have the same problem which only two channel infront of the interface that work for online meeting such as zoom. The third channel in the back until the eight is not working for third party software. I’m using windows 10 in this case. Any solution for this? Thanks.

I have had the same issue with with Microsoft Teams. I don’t think the online meeting programs are big fans of ‘made-for-audio-work’ interfaces and just want to use the integrated audio, inbuilt webcam mic and crappy sound card instead.

Zoom and Teams both allow you to choose the audio device but you may find that your interface is not an option or even if it is it doesn’t work.