UR824 update but still crappy tiny GUI

So they’ve updated the morphing channel strip and reverb to the new version but… No GUI interface like the UR-C version? What gives Steinberg? Is this a “Too bad you don’t own the newer interface or you could have a bigger, more colorful, better laid out GUI”?
I mean, you updated the plugins. It’s YOUR platform and hardware. You couldn’t give us the new GUI along with it? At the VERY least, can we get a LARGE GUI for the morphing channel strip so we don’t have to squint in 2023?
The VST3 version HAS been updated. Can we expect the DSPfx version to update the GUI as well to match? (the one that opens in the hardware tab and in DSPmix)


I understand the GUI is ‘very small’. So I guess you are using a ‘High DPI’ monitor (Probably 4K?) and you are on a Windows PC?
On one hand, there is the ‘scaling’ setting in windows but, I yield good results by changing the properties of the .exe file → Change high DPI settings

Hope that this helps.

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