UR824: Upgraded to Tools 2.1.0, FX licensing problem


PC User, with UR824, running Win7 64bit, Cubase 6.5.5.

I recently installed the TOOLS_for_UR824_V210_Win64 package. After doing so, when I try and use any of the effects in the FX Basic Suite (Morphing Channel Strip, Rev-X, etc.) I get a licensing error (it says “The license for application ‘Rev-X’ will expire soon. Duration until expiration: 4 hours 11 minutes 4 seconds”). Then Cubase freezes - I can’t escape that dialog screen, and it stops responding - I have to close it using Task Manager.

Before installing the update, I never got this message. As part of the update, it installed the latest version of the eLicenser app ( So far I have tried: uninstalling / reinstalling 2.0.1 again, Uninstalling / reinstalling Basic FX Suite, running all the eLicenser maintenance tasks, trashing Cubase preferences. Removing the plugins stops the error, but I do want to use these plugins! I can’t think of what else to try - has anyone seen this problem, or know what to do that might fix it?


Never mind, I worked it out. It was actually a silly mistake - I had never entered the License activation code for the Fx Suite. What had confused me was that I had been using the effects for most of a year, but only after upgrading the UR824 tools and eLicenser software did it have a problem. I went through my papers and found the long-lost license code.