UR824 + USB 3.0 + MacBook Pro Retina = Massive glitching and

Hi there,

Four months ago I bought the best and latest MacBook Pro 15 available after asking SB about if it was a good idea. The laptop is awesome: light, quick, great construction, but I’ve been having serious problems working with Nuendo and Cubase from that moment I switched from my old Mac Pro to my laptop. I’ve been tracking the problem, expending a lot of time and I found that there is a bug in a lot of USB 2.0 sound cards brands when they are plugged to an USB 3.0 port and UR824 is one of them.

I’ve tried tons of different combinations, all the driver versions available, using it through a hub or directly, and so on.

Anybody having a different experience?

Now, I’m working with the internal sound card but if SB doesn’t fix this bug, I’ll go for a RME or thunderbolt sound card.

Thanks in advance!