UR824 USB interface?

Love my MR816CSX (after a LOT of trouble shooting and still some headaches), but am wondering what the new interfaces will bring.

Maybee stopping future development of mr816 drivers? One thing they did good is that the mr816 is usable as a stand-a-lone adat expander.

It always happens to me, I wait and wait then finally I purchase the mr816 and then there is the successor, I’ve got the mr816 for 2 a 3 months now. I’m sad now.
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Ah well, same thing happened to me, just got a cc121 and there’s new controllers coming out soon. You can’t expect Steinberg to keep selling the same stuff over and over, they have to move on and make people buy new stuff instead, can’t blame em. As long as compatability drivers are still released it doesn’t bother me.

True words! My lesson is not to wait but buy new stuff immediatly :laughing:

lol yeah let’s buy some of that UR stuff, those MR816s are 3 months old already!

At least it has 2 sets of adat I/O so 24 I/O should be possible…

Wonder what the advantages/disadvantages of the usb vs. firewire interface would be. Anyone?

I believe the new controllers coming out will be modular, and since I’m not interested in more faders, the CC121 will still do for me just fine–now if only the rotary knobs could be scaled!

Hello, the most important improvement of UR824 over MR816 - as beatpete already mentioned and also as the device names suggest - is that UR has two sets of ADAT I/O so you can connect up to 24/24 I/O in 48kHz/24bit mode and 16/16 I/O in 96kHz/24bit mode. For MR816 it is 16/16 I/O in 48kHz/24bit mode and 12/12 I/O in 96kHz/24bit mode.

[Which seems quite ironical considering the fact that MR is FireWire and UR “only” USB… :wink:]

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So I’d be thinking they ditch the modular approach from the mr816 due to the inablility :mrgreen: to get the system working good regarding the monitoring issues. I didn’t saw any info regarding how many units you can use together, the mr816 was extendable to 48 i/o’s, also wondering if the UR unit can be used stand-a-lone as an ADAT mic-pre?

Looking at the UR824 manual which is already available (ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Hardware/UR824/UR824_OperationManual_en.pdf), there is, indeed, no daisy-chaining option for this unit. Fortunately, UR824 can operate as a standalone A/D-D/A converter.


I currently use five MR816s.

If the UR824 can not be daisy-chained, there might not be enough outputs available for me - just 8 would definitely not be enough.

Does anyone know whether the outputs of two interfaces corrected via ADAT to a UR824 could be used for monitor outputs etc.?

48v phantom power can only be switched in pairs on the 824 which is not flexible enough and could potential damage equipment.

After the failure of the MR816s I’m not feeling too confident about Steinberg’s ability to come up with an interface that actually works, so I’m starting to consider going elsewhere.

Any recommendations? - How about the RME Fireface UFX (the Totalmix routing software looks good) ?

The UR824’s routing application can not be used if Nuendo/Cubase is also running (this is the same with the MR816s), so perhaps a separate non-Steinberg solution would be better.

I think if you keep the 5 mr816’s you would be better of by buying 2 RME RayDat cards, so you can connect the 5 mr’s via adat to the MRE raydat, 2 raydat would give you 72 io!

Look for info at: http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_hdspe_raydat.php + you get the totalmix app which has no problems regarding monitoring.

Sounds like a good idea.

Do you know if this will provide zero-latency monitoring ? - I have found no mention of it on the RME site.

The main reason I want to make a change is due to the monitoring hassles with the existing MR816 setup.

  1. With the MR816x you can access the adat outs for mixing so I’m sure you can for the 824
  2. What failure, they sound and work fantastic!
  3. I use a RME Digiface and it works beautifully with my 2 MR816xs, see my post in this thread:
  4. if you don’t install the MR extension (or un-install it), you can use the MR app while Cubase is running

Do you know if this will provide zero-latency monitoring ? - I have found no mention of it on the RME site.

I do not own a RME card, but have heard it on many occasion that the included mixer (totalmix) is in fact a almost full blown digital mixer with send and group functionality, just no onboard effect but integration of hardware fx with zero latency.


I’ve decided to sell 3 of my MR816s, get an RME Fireface UFX and connect the remaining 2 MRs to it via ADAT.

The Totalmix FX application looks awesome - phenomenal routing possibilities, great effects and dead-easy zero-latency monitoring across all 3 units - things that multiple MRs can not do at all well, despite Steinberg’s advertised claims.

I think the UFX can also use external effects on vocal mics while recording for example, rather than just the onboard effects, and it has fantastic multiple headphone submix bus facilities.

I’m not even going near the UR824.

You’re joking, right?

  1. I use a RME Digiface and it works beautifully with my 2 MR816xs

Ah, that will explain how you got them to work ‘fantastic’ then :wink:

New software V1.7.2 available, no sound of monitoring solutions though.

Spot on Jez!

I love the monitor controler on the ur28m I wish something like this will be posible for the MR Series.
I know something like this is already posible in cubase with the control room and an external controler but now outside cubase. It’s still a hassle to change monitors outside cubase