UR824 white noise issue.

I get a very noticeable white noise when that is present whenever Cubase 6.5 is not running, but disappears completely when I start Cubase 6.5.

As soon as I close Cubase, the white noise becomes very apparent again. It appears to be an issue with the basic Windows sound driver and has only started to happen recently.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


i know this is an old thread but i am experiencing the same exact issue lots of hiss white noise but all disappear as i lunch cubase.
did you or anyone isolated the problem?
i am using ur824 on win 10 on a i7 6800 32gb ram
any help apprecciated


Maybe check the standalone UR824 mixer. When you’re in Cubase, the UR824 is driven by Cubase and the standalone mixer applet doesn’t do anything. As soon as you leave Cubase, the standalone mixer takes over.