UR824 will not open with Cubase 6

I get the message that “cannot use USB port,it is being used by another application” When i open cubase 6 and the ur824 mixer. the mixer goes blank. it works with other DAW’s and ironically not with the one from the same company.

As far as I understand, the console cannot stay open at the same time as Cubase, because its features are integrated in Cubase. Keeping them open at the same time would generate some sort of conflict.


That’s too bad. I would prefer to just use the ur mixer. I cannot follow how to use this control room feature to do the same thing.


Hello Peter,

what do you want to archieve exactly in the control room ? Perhaps you could give some more information.



I would like to set up 4 headphone mixes of a live band and be able to send the vocal to a reverb. I have read the manual twice and don’t follow how I can do this. It also sounds like I may have latency as well. Right now I would have liked to be able to use the UR824 mixer to do this,but cubase disables it.