UR824 Windows 7 64bit driver BIG PROBLEMS

My Steinberg UR824 interface and its driver just won’t work with my Windows 7 64-bit PC. Every time I install the driver and then connect the interface (as the manual instructs), any window / program to do with audio freezes. And when shutting down, it spends 30 minutes on the shutting down until blue-screening. Windows that freeze when the interface is connected include: Sound options (from Control Panel), Volume Mixer (from Taskbar), Yamaha Steinberg Control Panel itself, and no audio plays, obviously. This can also have nothing to do with prior installed software because I have just formatted my computer in an attempt to fix this exact issue. Also I have found in the past that the only way to fix such issues is to reformat, so I have had to do so every time that this hasn’t worked, which is EVERY TIME. I also tried not installing the audio drivers that came with my motherboard, and this made no difference. I have tried restarting at different stages during the installation process, with no success. What do I do?

This may not be too much help to you, but I just wanted to let you know I also use windows 7 64 bit (ultimate edition) and the UR824, and don’t have any problems. You should also know, i do not have my motherboards realtec drivers disabled, and occasionally I will plug in a logitech headset (for skype), and the computer is able to switch between all 3 with no problem, so what you are experiencing definitely isn’t the norm!

Some things that may help (especially if a tech rep gets involved) -

You didn’t say whether you are using a Usb 2.0 or 3.0 port.
Are you plugging directly into the motherboard? (ie: the connections on the back of your comp, not through some daughter aux board on the front?) and especially not through some external usb hub?
Is your firmware and drivers the latest and greatest?
do you happen to know the manufacturer of your motherboard?
After your format and reinstall windows - have you checked within device manager to ensure you have no “exclamation marks” within your hardware profiles (notably Universal Serial Bus Controllers) - perhaps you need your motherboard manufacturers device drivers to ensure all hardware is working?

these are just some ideas of the top of my head, hope you can get it running, because it’s pretty slick when it works the way it is supposed to!

best of luck.

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Can you give us a bit more info about your system, ie system specs, there are clever chaps here who might have ideas for you

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One suggestion that I would make is to go into your BIOS and disable the on-board sound. This may or may not solve your problem, but will eliminate a potential issue. Chances are when you boot up in Windows, the driver is being loaded via the net even though you chose not to load the driver.