UR824 with preamp connected

Hi: does the UR824 disconnect the onboard preamp when I use a stereo phono connector?

No, it does not.

Hmmm I thought so. Where can you find a line in on a Ur824 then?

If you mean a fixed input level line in, you can’t find any.
But all analogue inputs will work, just set the input gain accordingly.

Hang on, I just reread your initial question: Do you want to record a stereo signal using a stereo 6.35 mm plug? Cause that wont work ever, as the inputs are all mono. If you want to record an unbalanced stereo source you need adapters to use two inputs on the UR824.

Trying to explain a little better. I want a line input from my preamp. It has has xlr out. And I was thinking of using a balanced one with a phono connector for a mono input. Or is it just as good to have xlr at both ends?

Ok, then I understood you correctly at first. Results will be the same, I use XLR when connecting an external pre.

Ok. thanks. Then I did the right thing from the beginning. What has confused me is that my Focurite isatwo gives such low output. Around -12-24. Do I not have to worry about it if I still get 0db to ur824?

I don’t really understand what you mean? Is the isa showing -12dB on the output, that is good.

Thank you for fixing my headache. :sunglasses: