Can anyone help? I recently purchased the UR824. My problem is that after a period of time the hardware interface
on the cubase mixer disappears from the extended view, making it impossible to alter the input settings. I am using the latest UR824 tools and Cubase 6.5. The same thing happened with 6.0.5.
Equipment used:
Imac 27
Mac OS X 10.6.8
2.66 Ghz Intel Core i5
16 GB Ram


I have the same problem here. I own cubase 6.5 and a ur824 with the last firmware and cubase updates.
Impossible to display the hardware interface

Anyone has an answer ? Steinberg Dev ?

This topic has almost 2years without an answer its a shame for such an important feature…

Hi, I am now using cubase 7.5 and everything seems ok. Because my original post was over 2 years ago I can’t remember if I solved it at the time on cubase 6.5.