Did this last year I think. Not a master/mix masterpiece but really fun to record. Unfortunately it applies to most of my tunes - its more fun to play than do the producing part. :slight_smile:


Gear used:
Cubase 5.53 64-bit
Hypersonic 2
Pod X3 Live
Yamaha Bass
Peavey Gutiar

An avant-garde and eclectic piece…interesting to listen to if only to find out what’s coming next, nice sounds and well produced…

Reminds me a bit of Alan Holdsworth or Tribal Tech.

Thanks for listening!

I’m a big fan of both Allan and Tribal Tech and sometimes tries to do songs in that area. I will not quit my day job! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Good composition, killer gtr work. You can quit the day job as far as I’m concerned :laughing: