Urban Conundrum (soundtrack)

Urban Conundrum
I’d love to hear what you think

songs that have affected me to produce this piece are:
Bladerunner and Opera Sauvage albums by Vangelis
Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue Pipeline
Hans Zimmer Rango Suite

Hi Masoomi. I really like this track. It sounds great, very cinematic. Seems you moved from a 4/4 to a 6/4? I liked that a lot. I love the film Blade Runner (both of them). I am thinking I’ve been a bit hard on contributors here who are trying to write scores, including you. I am always thinking in terms of a complete stand-alone composition, but now that I’ve been watching some videos on film scoring, I have come to realize that the point is to support a scene, and the music shouldn’t be trying to be Beethoven, or Prokofiev, etc. Anyway, I hope you have taken my comments in perspective. I really like your ideas and sounds.

Very professional sounding piece. I’ve just started to follow Guy Mitchelmore on Youtube, who is good at communicating bite size chunks of musical learning and also very entertaining. He does a lot of film music writing; having watched his stuff a few times I find myself almost wanting to see a video to go with soundtrack music - whatever the video - as the best way of experiencing the effect of the track. You’ve used some lovely sounds.


Thanks a lot guys
yes it is for a picture… well it’s always true in case of my songs… the first part till 1:30 is kind of a prelude and is about the timid doubtfulness before giving in … and the second part is the intimate scene where you quietly stare at each other’s eyes searching for you own soul in the eyes of your partner but at the same time you’re aware that this is a forbidden and odd kind of love. the first part is in 4/4 and second part starting min 1:30 till end is in 6/8 measure. which kind of suits the purpose since I usually go for 3/4 and 6/8 measure for romantic dances both physical and in this case mental.
The notion behind this music is what Charlie Chaplin was trying to say by making Modern Times Movie , that we have forgotten the simple things in life because of the great machine we’ve become a part of, that is the urban life.

Early21, Because I’m always trying to find the line between scores and standalone pieces ,I can sympathize… a standalone piece has to do it all by itself and thus it’s different (and harder to compose?!) than a score… and also scores are always telling a story while a standalone piece like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue IMO is trying to mesmerize you with it’s genius rather than tell a tale which is fine by me.

Steve I saw some of his videos like How to Write Music - Keeping It Simple , yeah it’s nice, I’m always leaning towards emotions rather than genius so it’s kind of obvious why I prefer soundtracks.
Thanks your kind words. the transition is unfixable since they’re two different scenes, or maybe I’m lacking in skill I don’t know :slight_smile:

Hi Masoomi,

What a tremendous piece of music, take me right back to the noir feeling of Blade Runner (1982) :smiley:


Hello Bjarne, Thanks man, I’ll take the word tremendous as a compliment. TBH (to be honest , not your ID) I wasn’t thinking of Bladerunner when I composed this , I had a vague feeling of the sound I wanted to make :slight_smile: . Cheers