URC 816 PLEASE HELP > ADAT outputs

I find the manual and the output routing in the DSP FX rather confusing:
I have bought an ADA8200 for extension of the ins and outs so I can hook up a lot of external hardware Effects.

But I cannot seem it to work the way I want to.
In Cubase I use the external effects so I can use the hardware as plugins.
WhatI do not understand is the naming of the ports in the Output routing:

In the outputs I can choose between DAW DIRECT 1/2 f.e. and ADAT 1/2 . I assume the ADAT here are the inputs.

But then in ADAT OUTPUTS I also can choose between DAW 1/2 till 7/8 > but why not the other 8 outputs?
And why is there in the ADAT outputs to choose “inputs 1/2 tiiil 7/8” ??

I just want to link all my 16 ouputs to an ext. hardware and then back into the inputs.
So I do not want to use the 4 MIXES option, but only in Cubase its routings for ext.effects.

As far as I can conclude : there are 8 ADAT inputs + 8 URC inputs available and to choose from in CUbase, but there are only 8 DAW DIRECT OUTS in Cubase to choosse from?

Any help on this one I would be very thankful.

After a few days of trial and error I luckily found the solution, but nothing like this is explained well enough in the manual, that could be way better!
One has 8 DAW direct outs (why not 16 ??? that would have been much easier if you want to fully use the 16 outputs all together).
F.e. I also teste a Focusrite 18i20 and that one in the software mixer you can route every input and every ouput to your wishes and that is how it should be.

My first goal is to not use the UR816C for recording but for using the ins and outs for external hardware into Cubase like plugin-inserts.
In Cubase you get in the input list all the 16 inputs(ADAT included), which is offcourse the easy and right way.
But outputwise there are only 8 DAW outputs, the rest are 4 mixes L+R, which is not that obvious.
That I can also use it for recording is a second benefit for me, but not that important. For recording offcourse those 4 mixes-possibilty can be usefull.

Now I found that next to the 8 DAW Direct outs I have to use the 3 mixes(MIX 1/2 is and stays for Mains out, you have to keep on using that one)
for my further 6 outputs (instead of 8).

I now use the MIX L+R of these 3 mixes to feed external hardware. It works but you have to be carefull and pay attention how to set up these mixes, every input channel has to be muted for not getting feedback. It is not that obvious I would say but it works for me and I am glad that I can keep using his interface.
It works just fine now with the Behringer ADA8200.