URC and Kemper amps

Long shot, but does anyone here use a Kemper amp with a UR816c (or any URC Device? ).

My UR816c has just arrived and it’s great, couple of things.

I’m finding the dspmixfx software a bit confusing. I can’t seem to find any tutorial online on headphone mix setups with control room etc.

I’ve got my kemper wet/dry signals in no problem, but getting the reamping working is not happening right now. I’m sure I just need to figure out the software.

I was previously on a Saffire Pro 40 and used the mix control software to do all this, this seems a bit different.

Also, the 1m cable they give you is crazy short. I’ve had to order a longer one.

Apart from that, all good, seems like great interface. The built in fx are great. Can’t get cubase to see the hardware in the mixer though.

If you mean you don’t see the hardware rack in the Inspector-window (so not the mixer) that is an issue. If you use the ControlRoom in Cubase then there is no hardware rack. Only if you do not use the CR. That still is an issue of the dspmixfx and complained about a lot.
I personally prefer to use the CR over the hardwarerack in the inspector, no use for that. I make all settings in the dspmixfx sopftware itself.

I don’t have a Kemper but I do Re-amp from time to time, but using a Little Labs D.I. for that purpose.
I only re-amp recorded tracks from cubase back into a tubepreamp f.e. For that purpose you have to make ins and outs in Cubase.
I do not know excatly how re-amping with the Kemper works, maybe you could explain what routing you want to make.

In Cubase this is the way I re-amp a mono recorded guitarpart track f.e. to my Line 6 POD:

First I make a new outputbus in Cubase and assign that one to DAW DIRECT 1. Then you assign the guitartrack to this outputbus.
Next in the dspmixfx settings you set the LINE OUT 1/2 to “DAW DIRECT 1/2”.
Now I connect the physical Line out 1 jack to my Re-AMP BOX(the Little Labs) and its output goes into the input of my POD. The PODs stereo outputs go back into 2 Line-inputs on the UR816C. Make a new track in Cubase and record those two inputs.

And be sure to mute all channels but the DAW-channel on the UR816C that you are using, to prevent Feedback. Becasue you only want to hear the DAW sound.

Hope this helps…

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This helped me reamp using my UR816c and a reamp box. I just got the UR816c and I’m trying to figure out the outputs. I don’t really understand what the DAW outputs are. I just ordered a Presonus Studio Channel that I plan on using to process audio that was already recorded and not really for the mic preamp.

You can output channels from cubase through the daw outsput on the urc.
Mybest wish from the beginning is 16 of those and not the limit of 8