Urc22c + obs + cubase 12 + loopback

I would like to upgrade my old audio interface with Steinberg URC22C so I can make Cubase 12 video tutorials for my friends. I need to record separately my MIC and Cubase output.
Will URC22C LOOPBACK work? I am worried how will this work with ASIO driver.

Thanks for help.

Better late than never, with dspMixFx UR-C V3, it’s possible:

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I have exactly the same components as you show in the video. I’m following your instructions exactly but can’t get Cubase sound in to OBS. I’ve tried to understand the manuals (there are several addons!) but it gives me no clue. It seems like there are some difference between the different audio interfaces. Have you encountered any specific issues when you set up your connections.

The steps I show are exactly how I got Cubase DAW audio into OBS while recording that very video with the UR44C. I’m using Windows 10 22H2, OBS Studio version 30.1.1, Cubase 13.0.30.

In v3, The UR-C series have added an extra “streaming” bus from the semantic drawings so the same process described in the video “should” work for all UR-C interfaces.

Concerning the DAW track in OBS, you’re definitely using an audio input capture source right?

Yes I’m doing exactly as you. The difference is that I have Win 11 and the latest OBS. It is only the Daw signal that isn’t working. Really strange. I have to reach out to Steinberg support.

I’ve tested the exact steps on a Windows 11 23H2 workstation using the current latest version of OBS (30.1.2) and things work perfectly exactly as the video described.

For troubleshooting, one thing to note under Windows OS Sound Settings, the output device name for “Music” might be called “Line”. The input device name for “Streaming” might also be called “Line”.

Thank you for investing time on this. I’m really scratching my head here.
I have Music and Streaming on my machine. On my other machine I have exactly the same OS, Cubase, OBS and software/driver for UR-c but I have UR22 instead of UR44c. On this maschine everything works as expected.
I did swap the audio devices and it is exactly the same behavior on both machines. It works now on the one with UR44c but not the other. Swapping the devices back gives the same result as before.
The conclusion is that it is not a HW problem. Something in my setup on the “faulty” machine is off. I will totally try to remove drivers and software for UR44c and reinstall and remove and reinstall OBS.

Finally I’ve solved it :grinning:. In Settings/Privacy and security/Microphone, ”Let desktop apps access your microphone”, was disabled. Enabling this solved my problem.

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Great find @ThSve ! Glad that’s resolved your issue!