Urc816c outputs

I am trying to output a couple tracks in Cubase pro 11 and monitor them in mixfxdsp with no success. I have tried the Mix 2 L/R and the Daw Direct outputs. Is there something I am missing here?

Not really sure what exactly you’re trying to do, but I’ll answer to my understanding of your question.
DSPmixFX is a software mixer, all it does is it handles the 4 seperate mixes your ur816c can create and allows you to access some settings for the hardware. It isn’t a player, it just allows you to blend different inputs differently to create seperate mixes. Within DSPmixFX, if you select a mix, it will then blend the DAW ouputs (daw fader on the mixer screen in dspmixfx) with the inputs of the UR816C, with levels controlled by the faders named respectively on the left.
If you select DAW direct, it bypasses the ‘mixes’ and will send the sound directly from the daw and you will hear to inputs. This is useful when creating sends for outboard gear since you avoid endless feedback loops without having to mute any inputs.
Within DSPmixFX, set your ‘Main Output L/R’ to MIX 1, and within Cubase, press F4 (audio connections) and in Outputs, make sure you have a stereo bus assigned to Ur816c Mix 1 L and ur816 Mix 1 R. If you’re using the control room, you can leave the outputs section unassigned and create a ‘monitor’ channel and assign it to Mix 1 L & Mix 1 R.

I hope this makes sense.

I created a stereo output in Cubase and had an audio track output reflect that output. I assumed that would show up in DSPmixFX. I dont know if it could be done and I was just trying to wrap my head around how this setup is. I plan on using the UR816c for live use with backing tracks and send different tracks to certain outputs to FOH and some to headphone mix.

With my RME and Totalmix Fx it’s quite simple to do.