Urdu Song Made with Cubase :)


Just effing brilliant!!! uplifting feel…good melodic stuff…great drum sound…like the use of Melodyne or whatever you’ve used…really enjoyed this track…Nisbat…Kevin

Thanks shadowfax, now only if I could sing :laughing: , could have spared the hard auto-tuning :mrgreen:

That’s a bit of an oxymoron, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah nice sound, I quite like it, good drumsound indeed.
Not a fan of the vocal effects myself though, sorry :wink:

I would be very interested in how you achieved the drum sound please…what VST etc…Kevin

Well done, I prefer more natural vocals sounds but track is big and drums sound great

Consider these reference vocals, I am not a singer, had to use the technology to create appropriate melody.
Drums are just GAO with some tube and compression. I’ll post the actual kit name and FX and settings later …
But I do appreciate you guys taking time to listen.

would luv to know the drum path…dont forget please…thanks, Kevin

ok I am using Rock Kit 5, in Grove agent 1.

Much apreciated my friend…thank you…Kevin

I like the tune and production generally. The ‘autotuned’ vocal sound is fashionable, BUT there’s a rather harsh frequency in there that really needs to be tamed. I’d be looking at around 2.5 - 3kHz … ish? Pull it down (notch)… a lot. It bites. go for a warmer softer sound, as the ‘edge’ is in the backing tracks.

Otherwise… nice job. :sunglasses:

Funny how we all think your drum sound is great when it’s just a stock Cubase kit with no particular effects. Shows the value of the available sounds!
And a good job by you of course :slight_smile:

If I just discount the vocal, I really like it. You have a knack in your writing.