Urgent activation issue (support request open and pending)

First time poster, sorry if this is the wrong place, but it is a possibly urgent matter, so I’ll take my chances. I opened a support ticked regarding this, but have not heard anything yet, and time is running out. So I’ll just paste my issue below if anyone can shed some light on it. Thank you.

"The other day I wanted to upgrade my Cubase licenses (from version 10; I own two licenses on two eLicenser USB keys) with previously purchased upgrades. And at the same time I had to transfer my licenses from the ELCC system to the new online licensing system.

In the Activation Manager it now says I have one Cubase Pro 12 license “Pending” and one Pro 13 license activated. I then received an email saying I have to “Verify your pending license” or my C12 license will stop working within a certain amount of days (now down to 2 days.). I followed all instructions to complete the verification process, but I only get an error message (please see attached screenshots). I believe I have read all the instructions and read through many forum posts trying to figure this out, but to no avail."

Will I lose one of my licenses in a couple of days?