urgent! best way to get to a stereo audio file from DVD

Hi Guys,

Got a bit of an urgent dilemma. Need to master a live DVD as an audio CD. The guy who has the original files is out of the city and so I can’t get access them. All the band and record company have access to is a DVD w2hich is what they’ve given me.

What’s the best way for me to get the audio off the DVD?

There is a Dolby 5.1 mix and stereo mix is just a fold down from that.

I need to get this mastered this week so it’s quite urgent.



I’ve had success with DVD Audio Extractor. It has a 30 day free trial.

re record via optical?

Mastering from a rip? Dodgeee… LOL

Exactly but this needs to be on sale by October when the band starts touring, what other options do I have?


Aloha N,
Shot n’ da dark here.
Just wondering if something like ‘HandBrake’ would/could work.


Works great for vids of course but it also has a few audio functions.

It’s free so give it a go. Cant hurt.

Good Luck!

Ultimately your call - tools like www.dvdae.com will get the job done of creating a stereo equivalent.

A quality mastering job, is however something else?
Quality – Cost – Time … pick 2 of 3
Something must suffer…