Urgent: Can't Burn CD

Hi there,

I have a client I need to get a CD to tomorrow, and I have built a montage properly with all files 16bit 44.1kHz with internal dithering on in the master section just in case. The CD conformity says it’s good to go, but always in less than 10 seconds a small window pops up saying “An error has occurred.” I tried removing the General.dat file as advised in a recent thread to no avail. I will confess I haven’t burned a CD on this computer yet, so it may well be a hardware issue.

My specs:

Windows 8 64bit
Wavelab Elements 7.2.1 (64 bit)

Any help would be great!

Try reinstalling the cd drivers from gear.

Thanks. Ok I downloaded the lastest driver there and restarted Wavelab, but if anything the error pops up faster.

Do you have an external USB CD drive to try with?

No, well I did end up transferring the montage and files it referenced to my Vista (also has WE7), which burned it successfully. Makes me wonder if Win8 or the new customary CD burners they are installing in this OS is screwing it up.

If I upgraded to Wavelab Elements 8, would this problem be fixed? Notice that user “ClaytonLBrown” had the same problem even after trying all the things I did.

I am not aware of problems with WaveLab Elements 8 with Windows 8. But that does not mean a problem would not happen on your particular machine, because of a specific CD device maybe.