[URGENT] Can't plug my headphones to UR22 audio interface


The title is kinda self-explanatory, I just bought a new UR22 MKII along with a Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm.
When I try to plug the headphone jack (3.5 and 6.5) (see image attached) the first is obviously way too small, the other just doesn’t fit in.

Any help please, even if I know that this is kinda a novice question but I did not found any help.

Thank you

That’s strange. I have a UR44 with DT-990 Pro 250 Ohm and the original plug looks the same as yours (it’s the one you ‘screw’ on the smaller jack right?).
You sure you plug it in the headphone input and not the XLR one?

Some 3.5mm → 1/4" plug adapters are poorly manufactured and may be hard to insert into some 1/4" jacks. I have come across couple of those during my career. It’s all about manufacturing tolerances: jack is little bit too small and plug is little bit too big and you have a conflict.

Go to your local Hi-Fi/Electronics dealer and buy a new adapter. You may even bring your UR and headphones with you to the shop in order to make sure they connect into each other.