Urgent: Cubase 11 Crash during playback


I have a serious issue with Cubase 11 crashing during playback. Sunday morning I was working on a project and everything was working fine (had no issues so far since I built my PC in summer 2020). On Monday morning I turned on the PC, started Cubase and after about 5 minutes, there was a “stuttering/freezing” sound during playback and Cubase crashed to desktop without any error notification. I tried again and again (also with other project), tried it in safe mode and with all plugins disabled - same problem.

Then I investigated Windows Update and indeed there was an Update installed this morning. Next I successfully went back to a previous install point from February 2021 but the problem consisted. After trying out a couple more suggestions I found through browsing the internet (like updating all drivers etc) I gave up and did a completely fresh Win 10 install, updated Bios, all Chipset drivers, Nvidia driver (Studio version, just the driver without any other gimmicks). I then re-installed Cubase 11.0.10 but still the same issue happened again.

I already opened up a support ticket, but I can’t wait any longer to solve this since I have to finish a project this week and I’m unable to work right now.

System Specs:
Win 10 20H2
Asus X570 gaming e Mainboard
AMD 3950x
128 Gb Ram
Asus Rog Strix RTX 2060 Super
Samsung 500GB M.2. for System
3x 2TB SSDs for Data

Please see Crash Dump Files Attached!

Cubase 64bit 2021.3.15 (814.7 KB) Cubase 64bit 2021.3.15 (801.0 KB)