URGENT!! Cubase 8.5.20 VST3 Instrument Presets Issue

When specifically using 3rd Party VST3 Instruments in Cubase 8.5.20 on the PC platform I am finding the following issues:

a) After Rendering in Place, the Instrument preset settings revert to default.

b) On reloading a project the VST3 Instrument Presets used during the production are reverted to default.

c) After freezing a VST3 Instrument and unfreezing the default preset is recalled.

Can someone else confirm this please? The guys over at BlueCat were able to reproduce the issue but the chaps at Waves were not… Umm…

As a tip, save your presets as you work and prior to exiting Cubase or you will lose your created/modified presets sounds.

There is some reference to this issue here, but this site I believe is for developers.


Please share this post as peps could be losing their presets/hours of work.



What VST3 Instrument did you use, please?

What Windows version do you have?