Urgent Help Needed on VST Connect SE on Cubase 8.5.10

Hello Everyone!

I’m a producer currently in the UK and need to record an artiste in Canada. I’m a bit new to global collaborations through VST Connect but willing to learn.

As it is, the artiste has downloaded VST Performer, and I have gone through all the necessary settings on my Cubase 8.5.10. The team in Canada can hear me through my talkback mic but they can’t hear the music playing from my end.

We went on for some hours reviewing the I/O settings but seems something is still missing!

Can anyone please help out and give a step-by step guide leaving no room for assumptions? All the videos on YouTube seem to gloss over the actual connection bit.

Please help!! Thanks!

Hi - there is a dedicated forum page for all things to do with VST Connect…

Good luck…!

Have you created a cue mix for the performer?

Can they hear the music when you turn off the talkback?
Maybe check the talkback dim level.

Thanks Guys for all your help!

We’ve got it all up and running…except for this latency between her singing and the music during recording. It is quite annoying and frustrating! I have tried reducing buffer size (as you would for any latency issues with an audio interface). Its just not going away!

I want to be able to direct the takes but its so difficult if she is coming in behind the beat. It is completely in sync during playback but that means I have to wait till I hit playback after recording.

Any bright ideas please!!

You don’t have the monitor button engaged on the performer’s track while recording, do you?