urgent help please, no MIDI though activity is visible in TW


i could need some urgent help please, as i have to finish that project tomorrow ( :imp: ) …

After working the whole day smoothly with cubase, then adding a new midi track, suddenly there’s no MIDI recognized on this channel or any other midi or instrument channel. The midi activity is shown though at the transport window. Midi also still works fine in another DAW, so its not the cable or masterkeyboard.

I’ve checked the MIDI device settings, all fine, channel input settings of course,too…restarted the audio driver (RME), restarted the the PC…nothing helps.

Also an update to 8.0.35 didn’t help.

It does work in Cubase 7.5 (this too doesn’t help now tho)

Any help is highly appreciated !!!
Thank you,


problem solved:

additionally my masterkeyboard began to send key commands (like undo/delete…almost went nuts)…found out that there was suddenly a new generic controller in the devices list. Deleted it - all problems gone. I wonder how this could happen at all though…i should just stay with cubase 7.5 :imp: