urgent help pls! no MIDI in Sequencer despite MIDI activity


i could need some quick help as i have to finish a project tomorrow.

After working all day fine with Cubase, then adding a new Midi Track, there’s suddenly no MIDI input recognized anymore, on any MIDI or instrument channel. The transport field shows midi activity though ! Other sequencers do receive MIDI as usual, so it’s not a cable/masterkeyboard issue.

I’ve checked the MIDI device setup, all is fine as it should be, midi inputs on tracks of course, too, changed/restarted the audio driver (RME). I’ve restarted the PC, deleted the preferences in appdata/roaming…nothing helps.

any help is very much welcome !!
Thanks, Chris

problem solved:

additionally my masterkeyboard began to send key commands (like undo/delete…almost went nuts)…found out that there was suddenly a new generic controller in the devices list. Deleted it - all problems gone. I wonder how this could happen at all though…i should just stay with cubase 7.5 :imp: