Urgent Help With Downloading Cubase upgrade!!

Hey everyone!! My names Shane and I’m new to this forum, but I was wondering if anyone could please assist me urgently as I have Cubase le 8 which i got with my Focusrite interface. However, I recently bought the upgrade for it, to Cubase Elements 9, but have only now gotten enough data to actually download it. The first time I ever clicked on the link they provided me, it actually started downloading but i ran out of data so couldn’t actually download it, so I cancelled it. The download never even moved. Now that I have data again, I tried opening the link again to now finally download it, but now it takes me to the Steinberg page and just says you have no downloads that are currently available…? I have paid for the product upgrade and everything, even have the invoice but now cant download it?

Please HELP!!??

Hi and welcome,

Can you just continue with the download you started and stopped from your browser?

They all the same installer anyhow…so your LE installation will change to Elements after you run the license upgrade process.
And once the software is activated and registered to your account the installer should also appear in MySteinberg.


Cubase LE 8 and Cubase Elements 9 are not the same installers. If both of them would be Cubase X 9, then it’s true.

Ah yes…didn’t catch that…but still… after activation the download should appear in MySteinberg shouldn’t it??

Or what about signing up for the Elements trial…wouldn’t that also get you a download link.