URGENT - How to properly mix down a complex 5.1 mix to stereo?

I’m sure this has been asked before … but I urgently need to export a mix of all channels of a 5.1 mix, in Cubase 11 Pro, down to stereo for a client, without losing aspects of the mix. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I can’t work out how to route my 5.1 Mix channel to a Stereo Mix channel, in order to export that version. I know Cubase has the MixConvert V6 plugin. But I can’t figure out how to create a send on the 5.1 mix channel that would use the MixConvert V6 plugin and create a 5.1 to Stereo conversion path. The 5.1 Mix channel seems unable to create a Send or a Direct path to the Stereo channel. What am I missing?

MixConvert is a possible solution… set up a stereo output and send your 5.1 bus to that stereo bus, there you can choose different panners to handle the conversion, one should be mixconvert…

That’s what I was trying to do. But there’s no way to route the 5.1 Mix bus to the Stereo Mix bus … as far as I can see. You can’t seem to Direct the mix channel anywhere, so there are no option for the MixConvert plugin. You also can’t create an Aux Send bus. If I try to replace the MultiPanner with the MixConvert on the 5.1 Mix channel settings, there’s no way to select Stereo as the output. So that seems like a dead end.

5.1 group to a stereo output bus should work
you can’t send an output to a different output…
you have to set up a group to replace the 5.1 output first

You can import the 5.1 mix to an empty project and do the conversation in there…

Brilliant! That gets around the problem almost efficiently.

But am I right that, in Cubase, you can’t create a Direct or Send to another channel? It seems, from a tutorial video I saw, that Nuendo can. But that option seems to be absent in Cubase

Thank you for your super-swift advice.

What you mean with Direct?
Nuendo can’t route output to outputs as well… I did the check if I’m telling you the right thing in Nuendo.
You need busses to change channel configurations…

In Nuendo you can use Sends on Master busses, not in Cubase unfortunately.
The workaround is to use Group Tracks instead and use their Sends.