Urgent issue - Cubase track time shortens after mix down


I’m making edits for TV and so my timings have to be precise. In Cubase (on Mac) my times are as I want them for example a 10 second edit I end on 9 secs and finishes on 10 shows fine in cubase’s time counter. But, after mix down either real time or other in 48khz 24bit, they are shorter by a second?!

Therefore the clock must be wrong?

Can anyone help im in urgent need to sort this as just signed an album and all my edits are wrong!


Learn about samplerates. For more useful info - provide more useful info.

Is your left locator set to 0 seconds?

Does the mixdown sound like it is playing at the same pitch as the audio from the cubase session?

One troubleshooting tip would be to select “create audio track” and “insert to pool” in the after export section of the mixdown window, then reverse the polarity of the imported track. It should null (except for non-linear modulation effects). The imported file should start and end at your left and right locators.