urgent keyboard shortcut for ADR !!

i am using te german version of nuendo 6.5 - so maybe the menue item is named slightly different than i think…
in the land of ADR we use the feature MOOVE TO ORIGINAL TIMESTAMP (TC) frequently. in protools this is one of our mostly used shortcuts every day. it happens all the time, that a clip is being touched and therefore looses sync to the picture… this is when we just use: “moove to your original position in timeline”…

maybe in other soundpost fields this feature might not be an often used one. in ADR it is.
please make this item available as a shortcut !!

It’s called “Move to Origin”.


in german it’s called “verschieben ursprungszeit”
anyway - i need a shortcut


In the Key Commands:
Audio / To origin.

You can assign any key (combination) that you want.


How?? i spoke with tech support today. in the keyboard assign menue you dont find the according item. It is just not in there… they checked with me and confirmed: no shortcut possible in this case

Kind regards

It’s there: it is called:


Here’s where to find it:


whooo, you made my day. thanks fredo !!