I’m working on a song for a client, and when I went to open it to do the final mix I got this message:
“Project “Rain.cpr” was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it”

I have been working in Elements 6 for the entire project so I have no idea where this message came from / how to fix it.

Can anyone help me? I have searched countless forums and no one seems so have encountered this problem before - ever.

Thank you in advance

This means, unfortunately, that the file is corrupted, and you must revert to a backup. The actual message is a red herring.

This is true, I used to have this problem with Cubase all the time on my old computer, I worked out that it happened when I had a lot of VSTis and VST fx open in the same session. My logic is that I was maxing out the ram and Cubase then wasn’t saving the sessions properly. After running 64 bit with more ram, I’ve never had this issue again but from now on you should turn on autosave and set it to 15min or less. That way you should have a working backup if it doesn’t save properly, or to be super safe just keep creating different file names and go through the alphabet, ie, filename-a, filename-b, … filename-z-a It’s handy anyway cause you can write what you did eg, filename-c_changedsnare

Permanent solution, run 64 bit and have more ram in your computer.

Solution for your song right now, if you have any sort of backup, open it and try to remember what you did after. If you have no backup, you have to re-record and/or reproduce and mix the song.