URGENT! No Sound - HELP!

Hi, new to this … Uni gave us the links and license, but although I can get the notes onto the stave I have no sound…

I have a project due in on 28, but have only just received the midi keyboard - shipping delays :cry:
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (217.2 KB)

1.) did you install all the sounds? Or just Dorico itself? (these are different things in the download manager)
2.) have you assigned a playback device in the general preferences?
3.) if the answer to a&b is ‘yes’ and you are on windows, then have you tried using Asio4All?
4.) did you assign a playback template to actually tell Dorico which sounds to load? (my settings default to the ‘silence’ template, so on the off-chance that this is the case for you too, try manually applying the default playback template and see if sounds load)

Welcome to the forum, @shubie33. It looks as if Dorico is unable to find any audio outputs. What device do you have chosen in Edit > Device Setup? If you have Generic Low-latency ASIO Driver chosen, click the Device Control Panel button in the top-right corner and see whether turning off the checkbox about taking exclusive control of the audio interface allows Dorico to find a pair of outputs.

Thank you so, so much… was really stressing out about it all.
Now I just need to do a quick learn of the system and submit the project :crazy_face: :face_with_peeking_eye: :grimacing: