Urgent Please "A Serious Problem Occurred" Error


I’m on Windows 7 SP1, 64Bit. Cubase 5.5.3 & have the latest drivers & updaes for everything I use

Keep getting “A Serious Problem Occurred etc”- usually when exiting Cubase (although also happened when doing an export / mixdown once)

If you cancel or OK the error, The windows 7 timer just spins & Cubase does nothing. You have to end it via task manager as it shows as not responding

This is a big problem for me as I have a deadline on a project I’m working on & I’m worried it’s going to corrupt or crash at a vital point… It has crashed about 4 times in the last few days :frowning:

Hope there is a permanent fix for this? Seen it raised on various forums but no sign of a reliable guaranteed fix

Raised it with Steinberg but guessing forum would be more responsive…

As Cubase 7 is out does anyone care about Cubase 5 issues anymore I wonder!?

Any help would be really appreciated

Ps. This seems pretty bad…

There’s hordes of cases with the same error message within the Cubase 6 & 7 forums so it looks like you can’t even upgrade your way out of this problem :frowning:

Zero response from Steinberg

Zero response from the forum

Surely ‘someone’ can help as it’s a common enough error by the looks of it? :frowning:

What solutions did all of those threads point to?

Thx for responding

I guess the error is common but the reasons may be different

All I could find was things like reset your preferences or dead ends without any solution at all

To be honest I’ve barely used the system since it was installed so I don’t want to go resetting things (or re-installing Cubase as one unbelievable thread pointed towards ) on a whim.

Especially as I’m in the middle of a project I have to deliver in the next few weeks…

I want the correct solution for the problem I have rather than - just re-install or splat everything & it ‘might’ fix it

No software is perfect but I’m not impressed that circa £500 software craps out like this & seems to carry on doing so in version 6 & 7.

That’s not to mention how much tweaking I’ve had to do with latency issues just to get a working DAW - it shouldn’t be this hard!

It’s not, for most.

There are a few causes, but since you won’t try anything on your own, listing them would be a waste.

Smart people realize that due to the enormous amount of different kit associated with a DAW, tweaking is necessary to get it running smoothly. Once done, there should be no issues.

Like I said, nothing’s cut in stone and it could be any one of a few issues. Why ask for help if you aren’t willing to try the solutions?

If you are so smart perhaps you could concentrate on offering actual help rather than being patronizing “Smart people realize” ?

Unless you’re sole aim is pointless pedantry of course. Which I know is a hobby for some

I’ve clearly asked for help in my post & up to now I haven’t had any.

If you read my post it’s clear it’s not a case of ‘not willing to try’, I’ve read various threads but I’m not happy the situation they occur in is the same as mine.

Point is, I’d just be wasting my time as you’ve stated you want a 100% answer. There is none for the reasons I stated. There are a couple of causes which have been covered time and again on these forums.

Hi Mat,
The first thing anyone is going to suggest in this matter would be to trash your preferences. It really wouldn’t hurt you to do so and takes almost no time at all. You delete your prefs file and upon relaunching CB, it creates a new file.
Before you trash it, make a copy of it and store it in another folder on your computer so if the problem isn’t resolved, you can reinstate it, keeping all your personal settings intact. If it indeed resolves the problem then your workflow is back and it’s a small price to have to readjust a few personal settings.

Bear in mind that even though many software products are compatible, each users combination of software and hardware components are unique making it possible for some users to run smoothly and some to encounter glitchy problems. Sometimes it can be just one plug or program that can be the culprit and takes a process of elimination to find it. I know that’s not what you need to do before this project is finished but you might consider it after. Hopefully, trashing the prefs works for you. Start there and let us know!