Urgent Please Help!!

I have been working on a project all day with vocals, and some EWQL samples.

All was well when I saved it. I have just tried to re-open it and get a Runtime error! The message says ‘6025 Pure Virtual Funtion Call’ My client needs this track today and is comung here in the next 30 mins to listen. Can anyone help please? I am desperate.!

I need to get that music back ASAP.

If you had autosave enabled, you can check for a backup. Or if you were using incremental save you may be able to revert to the last previously saved version.

If I had “clients” I wouldn’t be using a Core2 Duo with Cubase 6. Or even Cubase 4 come to that.
I certainly wouldn’t mention it to a forum full of “experts” who, even if they were all clones of Charlie Steinberg, would find a 30 minute deadline the user’s problem and not theirs.
A “Runtime error” usually means a serious system fault leaving you with an unstable computer whatever you’re using.
**Google “runtime error” to see what you’re up against.**Then cancel that gig and cut your losses. He’d rather not waste time at your place he can waste at a place of his own choice. And he’ll thank you for the honesty. And he’ll come back.
And if he doesn’t it’s a positive lesson in finding out what one can bite off before chewing.

And that’s the best advice you’ll get today.


More information about your system will help.

Try this article, or this one. Or try to find it on Google.

You have much more information, than we have.

Hi, I had saved on a number occasions throughout the day. I can see the files and also the BAK files but they won’t open without the error message and crashing.

I have opened up some other existing files that I had created a few days/weeks ago and they seem to work ok?

I thought that I could copy and re-name the files and try and open that way but still that doesn’t seem to work.

The files had audio tracks, a couple of Groove Agent One and one track had EWQL orchestral gold. My pc had not shown any signs of issues all day. I had been working on it since 8am and no issues and saving as I go. I see on you web page suggestions that the Run time error is possible a clash of 2 bits of software but I was only running Cubase. I thought that re-loading Cubase might help but if the older tracks work would there be any point? Any more, reasonable assistance gratefully received.

Run time error is possible a clash of 2 bits of software but I was only running Cubase

You are never only running Cubase. Like a car. It’s never just the “wheels going round”.

Had or installed any new driver updates recently?
I see the thirty minutes is up, how did you get on?.


You know, most likely, this is not Cubase problem. It realy looks like fatal system error.

Hi again

Client was understandibly not happy but has given me an extension till Friday. Sad thing was I had been trying to get some work out of him for ages and now THIS!

I added Reason Essentials on Sunday but have not opend it today or yesteday. I have only used Cubase today apart from a bit of web browsing etc but I have firewall and antivius in place. I had been saving throuout the day and the pc had shown no signs of any issues?

Thing that bugs me is I can see the files and the BAK files. I can’t help feeling there is a way of retrieving them?

I think you might be right but will the crash have blown all the data? I’m getting desperate at though of haveing to 10 hrs work in the time I haven’t got!


You should certainly not think so much about what you would do. People who know what they’re doing can get a lot done without having the fastest newest, “got to have” gear…

Thanks Thinkcap. I Don’t have the choice on my budget :laughing: I agree though. I know I have got the latest up to spec gear but I one time, maybe a while ago, it was considered ok. I still get things done. Just have jump through these hoops from time to time.


I have to agree with thinkingcap. Much can be achieved on a modest setup.

Sometimes you’ve just got to find a way of doing it !! :smiley:

Thinkingcap, I agree and so do at least a couple of prominent and respected professionals in the world. One of the most awarded shows on network television uses a version of PT for their post that is about 8 or 10 years old. FWIW, I added a certain someone to my block list so I wouldn’t be distracted his nonsense. It works great until someone quotes him. :laughing:

Brookfield, I wish I could help with your issue but I can’t. I can, however, give you some advice from someone who has worked in the motion picture industry for 15 years and started using computers for professional recording even before that; back when programs for the C64 and Atari were state of the art for MIDI sequencing and we achieved sync with our tape machines using FSK…

Listen to me.

After you sort this out you lock down your computer before you take another client. Full stop. I hope the PT info above proves to you that you need not upgrade your gear if it has been working fine for you so far. Once locked down you don’t try out any new and interesting programs or plugins on your DAW (that’s what a second computer is for), you don’t upgrade, you don’t connect it to the internet, and you certainly do not do anything on it that isn’t directly related to audio, not even word processing. You have a notepad in Cubase for notes so use it when you must. You owe the people who are helping you to pay your bills reliable service and you can go a long way in doing that by following the above advice.

If you do this and you do good work with what you have, you will develop a reputation for that good work and reliable service. Do this long enough, with consistency, and eventually you’ll earn enough money to upgrade to a new computer before you take the old one out of service. As it is, you have lost this client as well as anyone he might have recommended you to; after the computer is sorted you’ll need to do a lot of damage control. I would suggest you start by not charging this client. I don’t envy you but it’s not impossible to comeback after this if you have, up until now, not had such problems. It’s unfortunate that nobody ever told you this stuff early on but it is what it is and now you know, so learn from it and never let it happen again.

I really wish you the best of luck and hope someone can help you get your immediate situation sorted and under control. Try over at Gearslutz as well if you haven’t already. There is also a lot of good career advice over there from people who know (and as with here, some bad advice from those who don’t know).


I just went to your website. The way you are marketing yourself, you should know better.

I just went to your website. The way you are marketing yourself, you should know better.[/quote]

Point taken and considered knuckles rapped! To be honest I had that very same pc management ethic originally but have to admit some bad habits have crept in.

Thanks for everyone’s advise (well almost every one :wink: ). Looks like a re-think is in order. BTW I think I have salvaged the client who has been really understanding. I discovered late last night that many of the stems are available and saved as audio files after I had ‘mixed down’ so part one of the job was salvaged in that there were 5 ‘sound bites’ that were mix down that were all he needed for today. I managed to turn them into MP3’s and sent them off last thing and it seems he is happy with them. Can’t edit them but it’s definitely better than nothing. Part 2 of the job was a guitar and vocal piece. In the same folder I found all the original vocal takes so I can re-work what I had and hopefully in only a few hours given I can try and re-trace my steps etc. MASSIVE lessons learned here. I clearly thought saving every few functions/minutes or so would be enough to keep the wolf from the door but it seems not.

I’ll keep you posted if I manage to get the original files back but for now I am working on a few late nights.



Just a thought to prove whether you have a system issue or the file(s) are truly whacked:

Try getting the files to someone else that has Cubase 6 and see if they can open them. If they can open them then have them save the files to an alternate file name and ship them back to you. May be that might get rid of whatever’s ailing them.

It’s a great idea but I’m not sure I would dare risking someone else’s machine. I doubt I would get many volunteers?

I guess it did come of like that, sorry. It’s just that I have been on both sides of the fence. If it helps, when I was in your shoes I beat myself up just as bad. When I was in your client’s shoes it cost me my studio (losing the studio, however, is how I ended up doing television and feature films). It was all a long time ago and everything ended up properly sorted…

… and I’m glad to hear you’re getting sorted as well. I would still not charge the client, even though he appears to be very forgiving. It can’t hurt and what you lose in cash will be made up in good will.

Best of luck

They would not do any harm unless they are infected by a virus and that is unlikely.
I suspect it’s a rogue VST which is usually the case. If it is a rogue VST I’d surmise that a possible cause could be corruption from passing through faulty or, more likely, overstressed ram modules.

Do your other Projects load? Just checked back. They seem to OK. Try an older version of Cubase which you can download (and be licensed to run) if Cubase 6 is your first Cubase.
Also if you know a local studio or two you could enquire about hiring one of their old laptops to continue working on? Most studios have a couple of dogs left over every couple of years.

People who know what they’re doing don’t need to ask about serious problems on a forum. They also don’t work to this tight a budget and they would call an engineer in to fix it. I can only surmise that the OP was hired because he has excellent ears. If so all he need do is get a bank loan to buy equipment to match said ears.
We are trying to find a way of doing this job but in the long run the OP needs a new computer.
I do know what I’m doing and I would not like to run Cubase on that setup. :wink:

Contacting Steinberg support (from inside Cubase?) might also be handy.

Conman doesn’t need to defend himself. That computer is not supported by Steinberg for C6, and I’m not even addressing the web browsing and virus software…

I don’t know why he felt the need to explain himself !!