I had downloaded Padshop pro or so i thought but i was surprise that in the GUI, it only says Padshop, i tried dragging samples but it won’t work. Please clarify me on this, is the trial version Padshop or Padshop pro?, so i know what to purchase.

Another thing, my download version won’t run without the USB licenser - it says “No valid license detected for Padshop” so i had to use my USB licenser so that it will run on my Cubase A16, please clarify me on this. If ever i did purchase Padshop, do i need to use the USB licenser?

I would suggest contacting your local tech support so they can verify your license for Padshop. It sounds like it is either not activated or the license has been placed somewhere else. Be sure to include your activation code in your support request so they can help you as quickly as possible.