Urgent - Problems installing extensions on win 7 - error

I’m running cubase 5 and recently purchased a new computer i7 / 12 gigs of ram on a GiGA UD7 motherboard and i’m running windows 7 64 bit. I installed both versions of cubase 5 (32 bit and 64) Now everything is fine with cubase /mr816 when installing the 64 bit MR tools - but when I tried to install the 32 bit extensions for the MR816CSX so that it would work with cubase 32 bit the installer gets an error saying that the software is not compatable with my OS. I tried changing the install properties with every option available and it all ended with the same error ?

So, how so I use my mr816 (which is my audio interface) to work in the 32 bit mode of cubase - which is all running on a windows 7 64 bit OS? As I said before - it all works in cubase 5 64 bit - I see the templates etc when I start cubase in 64 mode.


I’m sorry but it is not possible to have “also” the 32-bit extensions/drivers installed on the same machine. There is no workaround regarding this.




Your MR816 will work just fine… Your CUBASE 5 32bit will work with the audio interface… the only downfall is that you will only have 4GB of ram… using Cubase 32bit.

I have a Win 7 64bit system and I have both 32bit and 64bit Cubase installed… and both run with the MR816 CSX just as good!.. The 64bit drivers are for the OS and interface… The asio drivers will work on your 32bit Cubase 5, no problem!
cool right?

Don’t forget to update your MR816 interface. :sunglasses: