URGENT!! Project crashing on startup

Hello friends,

I have a project for a movie thats crashing when I open it. Its just this one project. All other projects work fine.

Nuendo opens other projects, other sessions, but it does not open the project I’m working on or any other recent back up file or prior session from this project.

We have uninstalled Nuendo, reinstalled, downloaded again all the installers and reinstalled; we where able to create a back up conformed project from the session, but it does not open as well.

Any suggestions please help! This is so urgent!!!

Do you have any plugins used on this project not in the others? Did you trash your preferences? There might be also a file corrupted which might do this. This can be a tedious process. Check to see if any of your wave files can’t be opened by another program. Usually the file will be 0kb in size or such thing.

I wish you the best of luck.

If Nuendo doesn’t open any recent backup file then this indeed looks a little bit like something you inserted into the project. A plugin that crashes on load. I could not imagine anything that would be consistent through multiple backup versions of the project. Really strange.

in my experience this could happen for 3 reasons:

  1. Imported .mid sessions (from other applications…finale…)
  2. Using imported track pictures
  3. Plugins, very rarely.

Hope that helps…

Have you used any plugs that you don’t usually insert?
Try renaming you plug folder temporarily so that Nuendo does not find it and try to load the project.

Good luck.

Could you possibly use the new feature to import audio tracks into a new project, and then re-route if needed?

It was Altiverb.
All solve now. Thanks guys!

Good too hear you’ve solved it!
Just out of curiosity, I use Altiverb as well (7.2.6. 64 bit OS X) and it does not cause such problems.
Which version are you on?