URGENT request for enhancement for Edit Music Symbol in next update.


I have been experimenting with the great Edit Music Symbol window in Engrave/Music Symbols Dorico version 2.2. I have Windows 10.

Hmm, I thought that 'Revert to Factory, reverted ALL changed symbols back to the original factory setting. I didn’t realize that the Revert to Factory option only related to a single symbol for that change. In experimenting, I changed fairly randomly about 10 different musical glyphs and added graphics. Now I can’t remember which symbols I changed :frowning: Whew this is very frustrating.

May I suggest please that in the next update, the developers add a few options for reverting symbols

  1. Revert ALL changes to Factory Settings.
  2. Revert ALL changes in selected categories to Factory Settings.

If anyone knows how I can quickly revert my different symbols back to the Factory Settings, without remembering which ones I changed, I would be very grateful. Thank you.


I’m pretty confident your edits only apply to one score, unless you also did “save as default”.

It wouldn’t make much sense if you edited a symbol, then opened an older score and the same symbol suddenly changed because of your later edits.

I thought that the ‘save as default’ changes for all new projects, as with Engraving or Layout options

If you did Save as Default, there’s a way around that, too, albeit outside of Dorico itself:

All defaults for the Music Symbols Editor are stored within the userlibrary.xml file, located at /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 (Mac) or %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 (Windows).

Editing this file is not for the faint-hearted, and should be done within a decent text editor, and you should save a copy somewhere safe before you commence editing.

I’ll give an example, just for clarity:

Here, I’ve made the “4” time signature glyph much larger, within the Music Symbols Editor in Dorico, and I’ve then saved it as default.
It appears like this in the XML file:

If I delete the selected chunk and save the file, the “4” time signature glyph’s default will be reverted to factory settings within Dorico. This won’t affect the project where I modified the glyph, but it will restore the default for all other projects.

You should probably delete up to (and including) the


Good catch, Thijs! Corrected :wink:

I just ran into the same problem. Has this been fixed yet? I need to revert certain symbols (dynamics) as Dorico cannot handle to combine certain dynamics (e.g. “sffp” looks very impractical). Thanks!

There’s no “revert all to factory” button, but the method I proposed two years ago still works.

Thanks for that!