Urgent: several Stop Codes happening

Hello All,

Since when I have installed my Cubase LE 9 (now updated to 9.0.40) on my ASUS (K53T series) having Windows 10 Home (64-bit, constantly updated) and 4 GB of RAM, I am experiencing several Blue Screens of Death: this has never happened before installing Cubase!

The last 3 BSODs are: «Driver IRQL not less or equal» (RTKVHD64.sys), «Kernel security check failure», «Unexpected store exception». Before those, I got this other BSOD: «Reference by pointer» (I didn’t even use Cubase that time, I just opened it and closed it!). And before that, this other one: «Memory management».

Any idea on how to prevent this collection of very-unexpected and work-impairing blue screens from happening again?

Thank you,

PS I submitted this to the support 8 days ago, no reply so far.

Hi and welcome,

Blue screens are hardware/driver related most of the time. Please make sure, you have on hardware/driver issue in your system. Read How to fix RTKVHD64.sys system errors on Windows 10 or google other RTKVHD64.sys articles.

I have been getting this IRQL bsod on and off for a while and suspected it was related to either Cubase, Nvidia drivers, chrome or the fact im using dual screen with HDMI. For the past week i have been moving over to a NAS storage system so backing up all my drives and haven’t used cubase in a week. In that week no bsods at all. Today as soon as i loaded up my template i immediately got another isrql bsod while the template had almost finished loading up. It’s also happened in the past when loading a new instrument into a kontakt VI. Sometime it’s happened when i press a key on the Privia after i’ve been away from the computer for a bit.

My hardware is fine, stress tested all the RAM. The majority of the usb devices are going to an Anker usb 3 hub (including the cubase dongle Casio Privia Nektar P1 controller). I’ve also been abit suspect of my Casio Privia triggering it but then as far as im aware my usb drivers are all up to date so not sure what else to do in that regard.

This almost always happens when i haven’t powered down my pc for a while/days. After the bsod i can turn the computer back on and Cubase then loads up everything fine.

Another thing which may or may not be related is i can never fully exit cubase without Ending Process Tree.