Urgent video issue, please help!

Hey all,

I’m having a strange issue here, it’s driving me nuts, and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m working on a movie, that is longer that 1 hour. The SMPTE of the movie starts at 00:00:00:00. I need to score a scene at 00:30:28:15. I set the project start time to that SMPTE time code, and it all works fine, Bar 1 is now at 00:30:28:15. BUT I also need to score something at 01:09:28:19 for another cue. Same procedure (in a different cubase project) I set the project start time to 01:09:28:19. I can see the thumbnails in the video track. But when I press play nothing happens in the video playback window. I must be getting something wrong here, everything after the project start time 01:00:00:00 is not playing back.

Has anyone else had this issue? If you have any ideas, please let me know, I’m quite in a desperate situation…