URGENT: VST Connect (Pro) COMPLETELY HUNG UP on Cubase Artist 9.5

I had installed VST Connect Pro v. 3.0.11, and it was actually creating a VST Connect PRO session on my Cubase Artist 9.5 perfectly.

However, my Performer had the app installed with version 4.0.44, which won’t work unless we have the same version installed.

When I went on Steinberg’s website and got the latest version of VST Connect Pro, I opened Cubase Artist 9.5 again, and suddenly it got hung up here:

I tried uninstalling VST Connect Pro and reinstalling, and restarting my computer, but it still won’t work.

What else might get this working? Is this licensing issue, since I updated the version, perhaps?


try deleting cubase preferences (google it) restart cubase and re-add VST connect in cubase

also not a good idea to run other IP apps (like that call thing you have on your screenshot) whilst using vst connect…may cause issues.

Thank you!

I got it working by going back and installing the correct version from where I bought it, which is unfortunately the old version, 3.0.1.

Now, the issue is that the Performer on the other side can’t get a session going without a key. How do I get him started? I can’t find anywhere to activate a key for my session with him.

Thanks again!

click the ID button (do not log in) and tell Performer that number and ask him (also not logged in) to type in the box (incl. space) and connect.