URGENT! Way to samplerate-convert Audiomontage needed

Hi all!

Here’s the problem: A recording originally mastered for CD is now meant to be released on a high-resolution platform. As the WL-Audiomontage is rather complicated, it would be insane to rebuild it in a higher samplerate. I tried changing the Audiomontage-properties to 96 k, but as the clips don’t get converted that way, replacing them with the 96 k versions results in “incorrect” cliplengths.

The “save as” or “save special” options also don’t seem to give me the right options, neither does the rendering-dialog!

Any help is very much appreciated!

Add the Resampler plugin in the Master Section. Then the Peak Master. Then Render.

Thanx PG, but that ain’t what I’m talking about. Doing like you said, I can’t carry the original Audiomontage over to the new samplerate. But that is what I need! Because the new mixes are in another sampelrate but need to be mastered exactly the same as for the CD. With all it’s fades, volume-automation etc. pp.

So I can only pray there’s a solution for doing so. In Pro Tools there is, but the mastering session is Wavelab.

So does anyone have a solution?!

But with the option “open as new audio montage”, a new montage is recreated.

Yeah Philippe, I know. But all information about original cliplengths, fades, volume-automation etc. is lost. Or at least I don’t know a way to preserve those informations needed.

Sorry, there is no build in function for this. All time information inside the montage, are relative to the montage sample rate.
You could change the montage sample rate, then close the montage, then resample the audio files. When reopening the montage, you will have to adjust some envelope points and positions. You will keep effects and other settings. Better than nothing.

I note this idea for a future version.

Thanks Philippe for the response!

Sad it doesn’t work this time, great you noted it for a future version. I think when mastering with WL, this could be a returning issue, as unfortunately we sometimes don’t know what kind of requests we might get in the future for a project given.

So for now I’ll try and work my way around it.

Dear Philippe! With the company, that want’s to release the 96 k-Version of the CD, I managed to convince them to move the release date. I tried everything possible so far, to convert the WL-session to the new Samplerate, but with no success. The problem is, that even if I would like to “rebuild” a one-to-one version in 96 k, that seems to be an almost impossible task, as even all the time-informations are wrong in the new session (still referring to 44.1 k).

So if there is any chance, there will be a WL update for this problem in the near future, I’d be very, very grateful!

Thanks and all the best,

Someone suggested this, but I must say I can’t be sure it works perfectly or enough:

  • Export 44100 kHz Audio Montage as XML.
  • Replace in your text XML-Editor all 44100 entries with 96000.
  • Resample your Audiofiles to 96000 (or copies of them).
  • Import new edited XML.

I thought the problem was that positions and offsets in the montage are stored in terms of samples, not time, and therefore would all need conversion along with the sample rate; but I could be wrong, of course…


This is right, but at least this could help reconstruct the montage.

What’s the point of only sample up the material to 96K?