US Version.. Product can only be activated in the USA?

Hi guys. I’ve got concerns over this warning/note message just below the box, right corner. It says US version, it can only be activated and supported in the US. The problem is I live in the Philippines and my aunt sent this to me from the USA. Is there any way I can get this registered in my country??? Plus I’m concerned about future updates that it might not work/supported properly.
By the way it’s a Cubase Pro 8 and I haven’t teared the plastic seal from the box yet.
Guys I really need some help/answers.

… Thanks!!..

I also live in the Philippines and bought my original copy SX3 from the UK. I have had no problems with upgrading as long as I pay the wonga. You should just check with Steinberg that you can install and run the program from the Phils once this is done you should be good to go.
Support here is from Yamaha or the agents Yupangco but dont hold your breath with them.

I had it installed the other day and surprise, surprise, it worked with a manual update from the steinberg site! :astonished: :smiley:
So far so good…

I had no problems using my US copy in the UK.

It’s just marketing , you can use the US copy any where in the world wit the same support as a normal copy , there is no difference