Usability suggestions

  1. In caret mode, display the actual note value instead of a quarter.
  2. In caret mode, when hovering the mouse over the bar, show a vertical line above the notehead “preview”, aligned with grid tick above. Also/alternatively, highlight the grid tick. This will provide a visual cue of where the note is going to be inserted.

Both are nice ideas.


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  1. Someone would need to find a solution for how to show whether something was upstem or downstem if the selected value was a semibreve/whole note or breve/double whole note.

Otherwise, +2.

Totaly agree with this
I would suggest another improvement.

I would be usefull to display in the left panel the shortcut values for each rythm.
I’ve been using Dorico for 1 month and I still press the wrong key when inputing notes.

In my old Sibelius, I did not have to associate rythm with shortcut because it was displayed as my keypad. So for users like me it would be helpfull to display the shortcut in the panel (example below)