Usability/UI problems

Here’s a list of things I struggle with using VST live:

  • Tracks: When copying a track from song to song, all parts on the track lose their position and start in Bar 1
  • Tracks: Cannot copy/paste inserts/effects
  • Tracks: When changing the zoom by the controls on the bottom, view resets to some random bar (better: Center around cursor)
  • Tracks: No Copy/Paste for notes in the midi editor
  • Tracks: Midi editor: only “velocity” available in the drop down field, no Pgm Change or Pitch Bend or other
  • Tracks: “Monitor” and “Record Enable” have to be clicked one by one for each track (better: add the buttons also to the Folder Track and apply to all tracks inside)
  • Tracks: “Monitor” is force-activated when pushing “Record Enable”
  • Midi List Editor: No copy/paste → Only way to have multiple Pgm Changes is to create them in every song by adding a midi track with a midi part, go to Midi List Editor, add all Pgm Changes by clicking + and entering the timecode and command
  • Mixer: Cannot copy/paste inserts/effects
  • Stacks: Cannot copy/paste inserts/effects
  • Lyrics: No Undo / Ctrl+Z
  • Lyrics: Cannot change lyric length by resizing the lyric field by drag&drop
  • Song/Part view (left side): Cannot change song order by drag&drop anymore (was working in earlier versions)
  • General: Copy/Paste often not working with typical shortcuts Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V or Ctrl+drag&drop, but only over pressing a dedicated button

…just the things I could remember now, will post into comments if I find more.
Do you already have those listed in your ToDo’s?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi @DaOptika,

Thank you very much for your feedback! That helps a lot. Most of it is of our Todo list. But it always good to get feedback from users, so we can push the prio of the tasks.

We’ll do our best to get the requests done in time. Stay tuned,

Hi, some more:

  • Setlist: No Drag&Drop to change order (only over arrow buttons)
  • Setlist: No warning/“are you sure” when pushing the left button, worst case: all songs and templates created are gone for good, no undo possible
  • Setlist: Copy/Paste/Duplicate should also be possible in here
  • Song/part view: No warning/“are you sure” when pressing Song “-”, worst case: song and template gone for good, no undo possible
  • Song/part view: Doesn’t show numbers >99
  • General: Only one Project backup. Please add the option to choose in a setting how many backups to keep, default should be something like 10, not 1

Setlist will be reworked soon.

Of course there is Undo for that. Note that Undo etc is context sensitive; when you are editing in the Tracks view, undo works for Tracks, else for Project (everything else).

Is it - will check.

Just save a b c…? ok, will check for auto backup numbering.

We’ll have 10 backups with the next version.


You cannot copy a track (yet), only its events. If you paste any event, it is pasted at the cursor position, if you paste multiple events, they will all be pasted at the current cursor position. We will check to see to add track copy (when no clips are selected).

…as tracks are not copied yet.

Correct, will add later.

To edit MIDI events other than notes, use Edit/MIDI List Editor.

Pgm Changes are usually managed by Layers which have dedicated support for that.
We’ll check to add copy/paste in MIDI List Editor though.

In the making.

Also in the making.

You can undo/redo/history via the Song menu (“Undo Tracks”) etc. This should be the regular undo action if the Lyrics view is active, as well as shortcuts for that, will be available soon.

Not sure what you mean. You can change the font size.

Works fine here, what version are you using?

We are working on edit shortcuts as defined in “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts” to operate on all edit views right now, so then you can also remote control those everywhere.

Almost all of them, yes. Thanks for the list!

What I meant was: if you add inserts to the track view, it would be nice to rightclick an insert, copy, and paste it to the empty insert slot of another track. But Workaround over extending the track in the mixer view and handling the inserts there is working as well, just needs some documentation.

I was just wondering about the drop down, it’s at the same position as in Cubase, there I can then select different events, VST live only offers Velocity → Maybe remove the dropdown to avoid confusion

Is there some documentation on this? I could not figure out how to do this from the manual.

The time a single line of lyric is displayed depends on the “lyric length”. Currently I can only edit this by manually putting a length in bars there. As the lyric shows up as a box already (in lyric view), being able to change the size of that box would be nice.

1.8.1, 1.8.2 and 1.8.3. I don’t know how to best show you?

Thanks a lot for the great support!!

Each Layer has a section where you can program Program Change along with Bank Select (optional). Layers are triggered when a Part is activated, either manually, or automatically with Part triggers.


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Don’t know either…you use the mouse, right? Left-click and hold a short while, then move while keeping pressed: does it show any activity, yellow lines where you can drop etc? It does here…maybe try with a new project, add a few Parts and try with those? Using it all the time. Maybe also check for other drag/drop operations.

Found the problem: As the songs grew in complexity, it now needs more time to select a song and then go to “drag&drop mode”. If I click and don’t move for a second, then drag&drop works again :slight_smile:
I guess that the event click already triggers several things in the background which goes much faster for new&empty projects…

When you select a Song or Part for the first time, it needs to load and activate all plugins involved in that instance. After it has performed that once, it should react much faster. This is what the “File/Preload” and Preload Parts functions are for, you run it once during soundcheck or so to “prime” the assets.

Already primed, but still brings some delay with it (1-2 seconds max). We are using a Behringer X32 with 32 direct-ins with inserts (including 32 track recording) and 32 outputs combined with backing tracks and light control, so quite some things going on already…

It is very unlikely that the hardware is a problem. Once it runs, audio processing is a continuous stream that rarely ever gets interrupted.
All the more likely the problem lies with plugins. We cannot do anything but call a plugin to do something, it’s a blackbox. Some plugs perform tasks when they are not supposed to, so maybe try to narrow it by eventually identifying plugins that “block” when a Part or Song is changed.
Sure, if you have really very many objects like Layers, tracks etc, it will take a while to activate everything, but more than a second is unlikely to be a problem of VST Lives’ own processing if that Part or Song was activated once before.